We operate from this central notion:  many rivers; one ocean.  There are many styles of yoga out there, and many training programs to choose from.  We at Many Rivers Yoga Teacher Training value the notion that there are many paths—many styles of yoga, many ways of being in the world, many ways in which we can learn about ourselves and share connection with others—all of which can be true and authentic to each individual in his or her unique way.  Thus our programs explore a variety of yoga styles, techniques, and ideas in a welcoming and supportive environment.  We look forward to seeing you in the water–or, rather, on the mat!

Ready to register for the 200 hour program? We are accepting new students to begin the program  April 13-15 2018.  

  1. Click here and choose the appropriate button
  2. Read the 200 hour Letter of Engagement and email the required portion back to us at: holla@manyriversyoga.com 2018-200-hr-Letter-Of-Engagement-2


Ready to register for the 300-hour program?  Just two steps to make it official:

  1. Click here and choose the appropriate workshop.
  2. Read the 300 hour Letter of Engagement here and email the required portion to us as at: holla@manyriversyoga.com





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